What is Linx?

A WEB3 Social Decentralise Financial Application

LINX is a revolutionary SocialFi app on the blockchain, ensuring immutable content and uncensorable freedom. You own your community and data, empowering true free speech. It's open-source, user-built, and rewards innovation. Join LINX for an utmos SocialFi experience today!

BBOT Trading Volume

124 , 597

GPT+ Chat Volume

987 , 654

Social Mining Claimed

543 , 210

Explore LINX with Confidence:

Privacy First:

No KYC registration needed, your privacy is respected.

No VPN Required:

Seamless access without VPNs or restrictions.

Unrestricted Speech:

Enjoy true free speech with no sensitive wording restrictions.

Decentralized Chat:

Experience unobstructed, decentralized chats.

Web3 Compatibility:

LINX aligns with web3 principles, ensuring your chat accounts are never blocked.

Multi-Format Communication:

Enjoy voice, text, file transfer, and video communication.

Seamless Meetings:

Effortlessly create meeting rooms with LINX.

Get an on hand Experience now !

LINX Feature

Social Mining

Interact to earn points and convert to AIB token


Daily Social Volume
Achieve 50 social reply/day

Earn Now  


Daily Social Volume
Achieve 100 social reply/day

Earn Now  


Group Member Volume
Achieve: 100 member/group

Earn Now  


Group Member Volume
Achieve: 500 member/group

Earn Now  


Daily Trading Quest (BBOT)
Achieve: 15Trade/week

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Group Member Volume
Achieve: 1000 member/group

Earn Now  


Meeting Room Quantity
Achieve: 2 room/week
- At least 50 participant
- At least 15 mins

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Invite friend
Achieve: 3 invite

Earn Now  


Meeting Room Member Volume
Achieve: 100 member/room

Earn Now  

Rewards x2

Golden Time Social Volume X2
Time: 1pm-3pm & 1am-3am
Achieve: 150 social reply/day

Earn Now  

Unlock the Future
of Connection:

Embrace LINX,
Your Latest SocialFi Sensation!

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The unique tripartite value proposition of WEB3:

'Empowering users with data sovereignty.'

Social Networking Applications

1. Decentralized Identity Interconnectivity
2. Promotion of Online Conference Rooms
3. Value Earnings from Content
4. Autonomous Governance Rights

Protocol-Based Trading Machines

1. Chat-Driven Autonomous Trading
2. Integration of AI Technology and Big Data Analysis
3. Autonomous Trading of Diverse Derivative Products

Tokenized Ecosystem Value

1. Exclusive DEFI Participation for Token Holders
2. Multi-Application and High Liquidity Enhancing AIB Coin's Value

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